Vkusville is reducing the number of products under third-party brands

Vkusville is radically reducing the range of the Supermarket section, which sells products under third-party brands, including those that do not coincide with the retailer’s concept (sweet soda, chips, etc.) focused on healthy eating. This was reported by a source close to the retailer. According to him, the remnants of such products are being sold now. A representative of Vkusville admits that by the end of 2021, the number of items in the “Supermarket” has decreased, but he says that the company continues to develop this project. According to him, the retailer wants to “free up space for new products and exclusive products”, specifying that 97% of the company’s range is its own brands (STM). At the beginning of February, the Supermarket’s range was 2,000 popular brands, said a representative of Vkusvilla, although in early December the network’s founder Andrei Krivenko told RBC that there were more than 5,000 products on the section’s online shelves. It turns out that the retailer has reduced the number of assortments under foreign brands by 2.5 times. This is confirmed by Vedomosti’s own calculations. As follows from the data of the section “Supermarket”, for the last two weeks the number of products in the category “pet products” decreased from 206 to 4, “groceries” – from 924 to 505, “beauty” – from 296 to 154, “baby food and hygiene” – from 186 to 105 and so on. But on February 8, the company’s range of products increased sharply. A source close to the company explains that the retailer has become more active in promotions and sales. In the subsection “Last price” on February 8, the vast majority of proposals concerned products of third-party brands from the “Supermarket”, the correspondent of “Vedomosti” was convinced.

A source close to Vkusville explains the company’s decision by saying that, in her opinion, foreign brands have begun to eat away at STM. Thus, he connects the active sale of goods from the “Supermarket” with the retailer’s desire to free shelves in darkstores (local warehouses for collecting and storing online orders. – “Vedomosti”) just under STM. He also reminds that the project was developed by Larisa Romanovskaya (she held the position of e-commerce manager of Vkusvilla), who recently joined the X5 Group, and this also affected the concept of development of the Supermarket. He believes that the project itself will most likely be curtailed. A representative of Vkusvilla does not confirm this. He also stressed that the retailer does not feel competition between STM and “Supermarket”. According to him, the project was created for the convenience of buyers to cover their needs for favorite popular brands, which they can get together with the products of “Tasteville”. The company cannot sell, for example, Coca-Cola under its own brand, but there are buyers who prefer this drink, so it gives the opportunity to buy such goods so that they do not go to other delivery services or stores, says another source close to retailer.

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