The top manager associated with Russia Bank will be responsible for the development of winemaking

According to SPARK-Interfax, Alexander Stolyarov has become one of the key leaders of the Federal Self-Regulatory Organization of Growers and Winemakers of Russia (FSO AVVR). Stolyarov is considered by several market participants to be a representative of Russia Bank, whose structures have recently been buying up wine assets. This is indirectly confirmed by SPARK-Interfax. For example, Stolyarov heads the St. Petersburg firm Agrotriumph, among the founders of which is ADB Management (created by the management of the banking group Russia to manage its assets). Earlier, RIA Novosti also called Stolyarov an adviser to the Minister of Agriculture. Representatives of the Bank of Russia, ADB Management, and the Ministry of Agriculture did not respond to Vedomosti’s inquiries. The carpenters did the same.

FRO AVVR was founded in late November last year. According to the Law on Viticulture and Enology, it will participate in market regulation: set additional standards for products, monitor their compliance, issue quality certificates (without them you can not obtain a license to produce wines with protected geographical indications and appellations of origin), etc. At the same time, Dmitry Kiselyov, director general of the Russia Today international news agency, was elected executive secretary. Now he is the first person of the organization as the chairman of the board, Alexei Plotnikov, executive director of the Federal Security Service, and Kiselyov told Vedomosti. The executive secretary, who became Stolyarov, in turn, is responsible for current activities, implements the decisions of the general meeting of members and the board, represents the organization in government agencies and commercial structures, etc., says the charter, which read “Vedomosti”.

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