The MS-21 plane was 6 years late

The newest Russian MS-21 aircraft has received a basic type certificate, the head of the Russian Ministry of Trade Denis Manturov told journalists on December 28. But, according to him, flights to extend the certificate will continue until 2024.

The type certificate is a basic document in civil aviation, which means the possibility of safe operation of the aircraft, engine and the possibility of its commercial sales.

The changes to the type certificate, which allow the use of Russian engines and the domestic composite wing, are scheduled for 2022. Now the aircraft is certified with imported Pratt & Whitney engines and wings made of foreign composites, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

The MS-21 medium-haul narrow-body passenger aircraft is the main project of the modern Russian aviation industry, a potential competitor to the world’s most common Boeing 737 and Airbus 320/321. Research and design work on the project began in 2008. The first MS-21 took to the air in May 2017. Then began flight tests of the aircraft. It was equipped with Pratt u0026 Whitney engines, the wings were made of foreign composite materials.

The supplier of composites for the project is the holding “Aerocomposite”, which is part of the United Aircraft Corporation. But in late 2018, US sanctions were imposed on Aerocomposite, and the company lost the opportunity to buy imported raw materials for the wing. Due to this, domestic materials were in demand, and Rosatom was entrusted with their development. Certification of the MS-21 was postponed to the end of 2020, and the start of deliveries to Aeroflot – to the beginning of 2021. As a result, the first experimental flight of the MS-21 with a wing of Russian materials took place only on December 25, 2021. should be provided with domestic PD-14 engines.

“Rosaviatsia is ready to continue work on expanding the operating conditions of the aircraft and optimizing structures, including remotorization of the PD-14 engine,” said in a press release the head of Rosaviatsia Alexander Neradko.

In December, the newly appointed CEO of Irkut Corporation (manufacturer of MS-21) Andrei Baginsky said that the “daughter” of “Aeroflot” – the airline “Russia” will receive the first MS-21 in the second half of 2022. According to an Interfax source, in next year, four such liners will be delivered to Russia Park: the first is expected only in September, the second – in November, two more – in December 2022. Earlier, “Russia” announced the start of acceptance of the MS-21 in the spring of 2022.

Russia will receive 16 business-class seats and 153 economy-class seats in a two-class configuration. According to Baginsky, all production aircraft will be supplied with a wing made of Russian composite materials. Russia has also ordered a new LED cabin lighting system that will simulate any time of day.

According to the editor-in-chief of the industry portal Roman Gusarov, the creation of a new aircraft from scratch now takes about 10 years, taking into account the development, production of prototypes, factory flight and certification tests, and preparation for mass production. Given that the first flight of the MS-21 took place in May 2017, four years for certification is a good time, the expert told Vedomosti.

Oleg Panteleev, Director of the Airport Airport Agency, reminded that the first deliveries were scheduled for 2016 at the beginning of the CU-21 project. . . Over time, the basic version of the aircraft has changed: first, the MS-21-200 was considered as such, then “Irkut” switched to a more capacious version of the MS-21-300, said Panteleev.

“The history of the aviation industry shows that Western aircraft builders, who have extensive and continuous experience in creating new aircraft, were more likely to create and market their products than Russian or Chinese aircraft manufacturers. But it should also be noted that American and Canadian aircraft builders faced problems, ”Panteleev said.

In an interview with Vedomosti, the expert noted that the manufacturer still needs to certify the MS-21 with Russian wing materials and here the aircraft builders are in an unknown zone – the material is new and has not been used on other aircraft. “As long as the plane is not certified, it makes no sense to hand it over to the operator. So before the delivery of the certificate will be in any case. Another thing is that by September (2022 – “Vedomosti”) “Irkut” should have time to assemble not one plane, but several, “- says Panteleev.

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