Suppliers of red caviar have announced an increase in prices for their products

In late 2021 and early 2022, red caviar suppliers sent applications to retail players for a significant increase in prices for their products. This was told to Vedomosti by employees of four major retailers, citing letters from partners. One of the interlocutors says that suppliers want to increase the cost of caviar from 7 to 17% depending on the type of product, packaging, etc. adds an employee of another retailer. The network “Faithful” also received a notification to increase the purchase price of red caviar by 7%, its spokesman said. According to him, there has been no such significant one-time increase in the cost of this product in the last few years.

Suppliers explain the need to increase the cost of caviar by its shortage in the market, says an employee of one of the retailers. The same reason was called by the partners of the “Faithful”, said a representative of the network. According to him, because of the failed Putin’s salmon fish in Japan and China, these countries have purchased more Russian caviar than usual. The situation of the interlocutor in another retail chain explains the lack of products due to the orientation of sales to exports. The supplier of “Faithful” as another reason shows the increase in logistics costs due to lack of containers for transportation of goods, adds a representative of the retailer.

Indeed, there is a high demand for caviar from Asian countries, says President of the All-Russian Association of Fishermen (WARPE) Herman Zverev. According to him, for example, stocks in Japan (the world’s largest market) have fallen sharply, as a result of supplies from Russia there has grown significantly (there is no separate data on exports of salmon caviar in the FMS. – “Gazette”). He also confirms the increase in the price of rail delivery – fares are now twice as high as a year ago.

At the same time, red caviar was produced in Russia in 2021: fishermen caught 539,000 tons of Pacific salmon during this period, which is 80% higher than in 2020 and 8.2% higher than in 2019, said a representative of the Russian Fisheries. VARPE estimates the production of red caviar at 25,000 tons, while the Russian market needs 14,000-18,000 tons. A representative of the Russian Fisheries Administration assured that there is no shortage of salmon products. He explains the rising price of products by growing global demand. Against the background of rising fishing prices should be expected to fall, said in early September, the head of Rosrybolovstva Ilya Shostakov in an interview with RBC. The publication noted that the average retail price of this product in 2021 reached a record high. According to Rosstat, in November 1 kg cost 5097 rubles, which is 26% more than a year earlier.

The situation in the market in 2021 was really unusual: prices were growing stronger than in previous years, despite the large catch of salmon, says Vice President of the Association of Fish Market Production and Trade Alexander Famin. According to him, if at the end of September, when Putin ran out, it was possible to buy red caviar from fishermen for 3000-3200 rubles / kg, then by the end of December in wholesale it cost almost 1.5 times more (4000-4500 rubles). . ./kg). At the same time, fishermen did not have it at the end of the year, they could buy products only from distributors. The rise in prices for the holidays in this market is always observed, but the dynamics is usually within 15%, said the interlocutor of “Vedomosti”. According to VARPE, now the wholesale prices for pumpkin caviar in Central Russia are in the range of 4200-4500 rubles. / kg, which is almost 10% more than in January 2021. Famin believes that artificial shortages could be created by distributors by buying products from manufacturers and keeping them in their warehouses. In addition, the demand was affected by the fact that part of the population believes that caviar helps to recover from coronavirus, says Famin. Expert of the Consumer Protection Margarita Provatorova in September last year said that the effectiveness of this product in COVID-19 – just a myth.

Significant growth in prices for caviar in the retail will not happen in the future, as demand is now much lower – until the New Year (November – December) sold about half the annual volume, says Famin. The rest, he said, is distributed throughout the year. Beasts agree with this: active sales have actually stopped and will resume only closer to the holidays (Shrovetide, February 23 and March 8). But even then, a sharp jump in prices is unlikely, as it is limited by demand and real purchasing power of Russians, he adds.

“Faithful” has not yet accepted the supplier’s offer, says his spokesman. According to the head of the communication center of the retailer “Commander” Dmitry Bolatov, the company does not need to buy red caviar, because the warehouses still have enough stocks. He assured that the network does not plan to increase caviar prices in the near future. Representatives of companies involved in the production of caviar (“Hydrobud”, Salmonica, etc.), the questions of “Vedomosti” did not answer, as well as representatives of X5 Group, “Magnet”, Metro Cash u0026 Carry, “Auchan” and others .

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