Russia’s Investigative Committee confirms detention of Riv Ghosh co-owner

August Meyer, co-owner of the Riv Ghosh network and Yulmart, and his wife Ina were indeed detained by police as part of a criminal case on the theft of Sbera loans, which has been under investigation since 2017 by the Main Investigation Department of the St. Petersburg Investigative Committee. Leningrad region. A source in the department told Vedomosti about it. According to him, a decision on their status and measures of restraint will be made soon. In the morning, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported about the detention of Meyer and his wife. According to the publication, the staff of the Investigative Committee is interrogating their quality suspects. According to investigators, they may be involved in the theft of “Sber” 23 billion rubles., Received by “Yulmart” in the form of loans for business development.

In 2017, another co-owner of Yulmart, Dmitry Kastygin, became a defendant in the case. He was accused of fraud with a 1 billion ruble loan from Sbera. According to the investigation, in order to receive money, the bank was provided with false information about the company’s financial condition. According to the court decision, Kastygin was placed under house arrest, but then released on bail, and the case itself was reclassified to a less serious article – Part 2 of Art. 165 of the Criminal Code (causing damage without signs of theft). The case against him is still pending, a source close to Kastygin confirmed. He himself did not answer the calls. “Vedomosti” is waiting for an answer from the businessman’s lawyer.

The president of the Riv Ghosh campaign, Edgar Shabanov, told Vedomosti that he had learned about the detention of the co-owner of the cosmetics network and his wife from the media. “The company is operating normally,” he said.

Until 2016, Yulmart, according to Data Insight, was the largest online retailer in Russia with a turnover of 366 billion rubles. But due to the ongoing corporate conflict, the company gave way to Wildberries. The conflict itself happened due to the fact that Meyer and Kastygin (61.5% of “Yulmart” was under their control) did not agree with their partner – Mikhail Vasinkevich (38.5%) – on further business development. One of the latter’s firms then claimed that Kastygin was trying to force him to sell his stake in the company at a reduced price or launch a controlled bankruptcy. As a result, he was forced to apply to the London Court for protection of rights and for advice – to the investment company A1. Yulmart itself ceased operations in the spring of 2020, and its structures are now in the process of bankruptcy.

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