Russia will sign two special investment contracts for electric vehicles

Both applications received by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for special investment contracts (SPIK 2.0) for the development and implementation of electric vehicles in Russia from Motorinvest and Elektromobili Manufacturing Rus were recognized as the winners of the competitive selection. This is stated in a statement issued by the Ministry on February 21 following a meeting of the interdepartmental commission on SPIC.

Deputy Minister Alexander Morozov noted that the conclusion of investment contracts for the introduction of electric vehicle technology will allow localizing a number of important innovative technologies in Russia – first of all, traction batteries and electric motors. SPIKs also have new jobs and tax revenues, which is important for the development of the regions where the production will be located, he said.

SPIK is a framework tool that guarantees the company that the conditions for doing business in Russia will not deteriorate for the term of the contract and tax benefits in exchange for obligations to localize production. It is the main criterion for confirming that the products are made in Russia. Investors need SPIK to participate in government demand support programs. In September 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade published projects to expand the programs of preferential car loans and preferential leasing for Russian electric cars, the discount on them will be 25% (but not more than 625,000 rubles). But so far none of the projects of electric cars in Russia has reached the release of marketable products.

The collection of bids for SPIK 2.0 for electric vehicles ended on January 17, 2022. Two bids were submitted – from Lipetsk “Motorinvest” and from the company “Elektromobili Manufacturing Rus” from St. Petersburg. The initiator of the competition was the Lipetsk company. Initially, the Chinese Haval was going to apply for the SPIK on electric cars, but in the end the company from China did not come to the competition and now it will not be able to do so. A Haval spokesman confirmed to Vedomosti that the company was not participating in the current tender.

Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov expects that the first serial electric car will appear in Russia by the end of this year (his words are transmitted by the press service). In accordance with the targets of the concept for the development of electric vehicles, approved in August 2021, the total volume of production of electric vehicles in Russia by 2030 will accumulate more than 730 thousand units, he added.

Lipetsk-based Motorinvest, according to SPARK-Interfax, is owned by Fedor Kunakov (99.9%) and Andrei Reznikov (0.1%). The shares of businessmen are pledged to CentroCredit Bank. The company was registered in April 2011, in 2020 the revenue amounted to 8 million rubles, loss – 235.6 million rubles.

“Electric cars manufacturing rus” is a startup founded by Ilya Rashkin (45%) and Igor Girdin (55%). The company was registered on June 10, 2021 in St. Petersburg on the territory of the Polytechnic University, according to SPARK-Interfax. The engineering company TGE Systems and Solutions is registered at the same address, which is engaged in the introduction of new technologies in electric transport, energy and microelectronics. The founder of this company is Rashkin, he remains its CEO. In “Electric Cars” Rashkin is responsible for the technological development of the product and the creation of the electric motor, according to the company. Girdin’s area of ​​responsibility is finance and investment.

“We are glad that there were two winners of the competition. The question is who will be able to implement what has been started and not just demonstrate the electric car, but also organize mass production, “Girdin told Vedomosti. According to him, the company maintains plans to reach the volume of 1,000 electric cars a year, the production plant will be located in the special economic zone “Technopolis Moscow” on an area of ​​about 3,000 square meters. The first car will come off the assembly line in early September, the first 400 units have already been sold – the contract is being signed, Girdin added.

Earlier, Girdin told Vedomosti that the company plans to produce an electric manufactured van on a UAZ “Profi” chassis with a capacity of up to 3.5 tons. It is assumed that Sollers (the group includes UAZ. Electric cars “will be equipped with the engine and power electronics of own development. The range of the van on one charge should be 200-300 km. In case of winning the competition, it was supposed to start producing electric vans in September 2022 on the site in Moscow. The unit cost will be about 3.5 million rubles. adjusted for inflation. According to the company, 1 billion rubles are needed for the first stage of development. own and borrowed funds.

The applications of both companies were approved because the others simply did not arrive, Sergei Burgazliev, an independent consultant for the automotive industry, told Vedomosti. “If these two bidders succeed, perhaps more serious manufacturers will also try to apply for similar SPICs or to make changes to existing contracts,” the expert admits.

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