Renault Duster will go to AvtoVAZ – Vedomosti

After leaving Russia, its main shareholder, the French Renault, will be able to produce the Renault Duster crossover under the Lada brand. Two sources in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation told Vedomosti about this. According to one of them, we are talking about the release of the second generation crossover. It was produced at the Renault plant in Moscow, which is now becoming the property of the city authorities. Since 2021, AvtoVAZ has a license to produce this model, the interlocutor knows. He does not know the name of the model under the Lada brand.

Vedomosti sent inquiries to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Renault and AvtoVAZ.

The second generation Renault Duster debuted in Europe in 2017 under the brand of Renault’s Romanian Dacia. It reached Russia only four years later, in 2021. Duster was offered the widest range of engines available, including both naturally aspirated and diesel engines, as well as a new turbocharged unit with a capacity of 1.33 liters and 150 hp. ., developed in collaboration with Daimler.

Sergei Udalov, executive director of the Avtostat analytical agency, did not rule out that AvtoVAZ, releasing a crossover under the Lada brand, could name the model Niva, as the company planned to upgrade the car before the special operation. But, given the current difficulties with logistics, it is unclear how the delivery of components to the crossover from abroad will be organized, the expert said.

Duster was in demand in Russia: according to the Association of European Business, it ranked ninth in the top 25 most popular new cars and light commercial vehicles in 2021. A total of 41,471 units were sold during the year – almost a quarter more than in 2020 d.

In addition to Renault Duster, Renault Russia produced Arkana and Kaptur crossovers, as well as Nissan Terrano, similar to the previous generation Duster model. The transfer of production of other models from the Moscow plant in Togliatti is considered economically impractical, said one of the interlocutors of “Vedomosti”. Until recently, Renault Logan and Sandero cars were also produced at AvtoVAZ in Togliatti along with Lada cars.

On May 16, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the signing of an agreement on the transfer of Russian assets of the Renault Group to the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow. In particular, the agreements provide for the transfer of 100% of the shares of the plant “Renault Russia” to Moscow and 67.69% of the shares of “AvtoVAZ” – subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Trade FSUE NAMI. The remaining stake in AvtoVAZ will be retained by Rostech. Both deals were approved by the FAS.

As part of the deal with the package, AvtoVAZ has an option to repurchase Renault’s stake in the concern. It can be implemented within the next six years, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said. AvtoVAZ will now service Renault cars on the Russian market.

The mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin also said that the Renault plant in Moscow will in the future organize the production of electric vehicles under the historic brand “Moskvich”. The car of the same name was produced by the car plant. Lenin Komsomol (AZLK) until 2002 in the areas partially occupied by “Renault Russia” on Volgograd Avenue. Kamaz will become a partner of the revived Moskvich project.

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