Reagents for laboratories may be included in the parallel import list

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia may include in the list of goods for parallel import reagents, consumables and equipment for laboratory diagnostics, if these products will be in short supply on the market, a representative of the department told Vedomosti. According to him, such a mechanism provides for the import of goods into the country without the permission of the copyright holder.

At the request of Vedomosti, Aktion Medicine, a former member of the Aktion group, conducted a survey of employees of public and private clinical and biological laboratories. He showed that 63.1% of respondents increased the time of import of equipment, reagents and consumables. At the same time, 20% of deliveries stopped altogether. More than half of the equipment used in laboratories of foreign production was reported by 88.5% of respondents. Almost a third of them claim that the share of foreign equipment is between 70 and 90%, and almost half – that over 90%.

The representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in turn, said that most of the laboratory equipment is produced in Russia. In addition, the department together with manufacturers is expanding the range of equipment. And through subsidies from the autonomous non-profit organization “Agency for Technological Development”, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will support the production of consumables and reagents for medical equipment “closed type”. The funds will be allocated for projects involving the development of design documentation for components needed for industries, said a spokesman for the department. He adds that, in particular, the “Agency for Technological Development” reported the receipt of 50 projects from Russian manufacturers for the production of critical components in the field of medical technology.

Interviewed laboratory staff say that reagents and equipment have stopped being supplied by companies such as Radiometer, Thermo Fisher, Beckman Coulter, Immucor and so on. Respondents most often complained about the lack and regular delay of reagents and consumables of the American Beckman Soulter. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, whose products were used to test urine, left Russia in the late autumn of 2021, said Daria Pikalyuk, director general of the Labquest medical laboratory. The company found a replacement for its reagents from a Russian distributor who provided long-term stocks of goods. A spokesman for Beckman Coulter told Vedomosti that information about her departure was untrue. “The company, represented by its Russian subsidiary Beckman Culter, continues to operate in Russia and supplies reagents for analysis,” he said.

Earlier on May 20, a patient of the seventh branch of the Moscow polyclinic № 121 could not get a referral from a doctor for a general blood test. The doctor explained his refusal by the lack of reagents in the laboratory, she told Vedomosti. A spokesman for the capital’s health department said such a situation was out of the question. “The stock of reagents for general blood analysis in the department’s laboratory is three months. Thus, the polyclinic cannot refuse to conduct the study, “he said. A representative of the capital’s health department added that “all necessary laboratory tests” are being conducted in Moscow’s hospitals and clinics.

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