Parts of passengers without a QR code may not be refunded for air tickets

Airlines have proposed to exclude from the bill on mandatory QR-codes on transport the rule on mandatory refund of the ticket price, if the passenger does not have the code before departure. It is offered to return money only to those who bought a ticket at the most expensive return rate, and if the rate was non-refundable, the money will not be returned. Such a proposal was made at a meeting of representatives of carriers with deputies of the Transport Committee of the State Duma on December 7. This was told to Vedomosti by an interlocutor in the Willing Series and confirmed by two sources in the airlines.

“Airlines offered with these passengers [у которых не будет QR-кода к моменту вылета] work the same as with everyone else. That is, the cancellation of the flight to draw up according to the rules of the UPT (conditions of application of the tariff. – “Gazette”). If the tariff is reversed – return, if not – respectively, do not return, “- said one of the interlocutors. The current version of the bill stipulates that in the absence of a QR-code of the passenger, the airline should deny him transportation and return the fare in full within 30 days from the termination of the contract.

In addition, according to one of the interlocutors of “Vedomosti”, other proposals were discussed at the meeting in the Duma. For example, at what stage to present a QR-code – when buying a ticket or checking in for a flight (“Vedomosti” reported the agreement in principle of the Ministry of Transport for the second option on December 1). Another block of proposals, says a source, is related to what to do with transit passengers arriving from abroad. According to the current version of the bill, if you need a change, for further travel in Russia (for example, via Moscow to Vladivostok) will need a QR code. It is required that the law or bylaws provide an alternative – for example, PCR test.

The proposals of the airlines at the meeting on December 7 “were heard and found understanding by the relevant committee,” he said. “It seemed to me that we managed to convince the committee of this,” said another source. Representatives of the government were not present at the meeting, said one of the interlocutors, “communication with them will be in order.” The airlines will present their proposals in writing after the bill is passed in first reading, he added. The first reading in the Duma is scheduled for December 16.

The amendment is being lobbied for, in part, due to fears that the budget will not find money to compensate airlines due to the potential reduction in passenger traffic after the introduction of verification of QR codes. As previously reported “Vedomosti”, Deputy Minister of Transport Igor Chalik November 9 sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance requesting to reimburse the air industry 80.9 billion rubles. 7030000000 руб. should go to airlines, and 10 billion rubles. – airport. “The Ministry of Finance said that the budget does not provide money for this,” said the interlocutor of one of the airlines.

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport and the chairman of the Duma Committee on Transport Eugene Moskvichev declined to comment. The press service of the Ministry of Finance did not respond to the request at the time of publication.

“Red Wings supports such an amendment to the bill and sent it to the AEBT [Ассоциацию эксплуатантов воздушного транспорта] relevant proposals – says a representative of the carrier. – After all, the absence of a QR-code at the time of transportation will indicate unscrupulous behavior of the passenger. According to Art. 10 of the Civil Code, participants in civil turnover must act in good faith, and it is unscrupulous participants must compensate for the damage caused by their actions. If the passenger refuses to be transported before the flight due to the lack of a QR-code, the airline will not have time to sell the seat again. “

Vedomosti sent inquiries to the press services of the largest airlines – Aeroflot, S7, Ural Airlines and Victory.

Most of the requests for tickets from Russian airlines are now related to the illness of the passenger or his next of kin, Vedomosti was told by Ilya Zotov, head of the All-Russian Association of Passengers and a member of the public council at the Ministry of Transport. “It is important that the amendments to the bill adopted by the State Duma remain in force [п. 2] Art. 108 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the money is returned in case of illness and death of the passenger or his close relative, “- said Zotov.

According to the executive director of the analytical agency “Airport” Oleg Panteleev, the money for the ticket is also returned if the company delayed, canceled or postponed the flight, and the passenger no longer needs to fly. The expert did not rule out that return in other cases. “Any restrictions and introduction of QR-codes on transport is a toxic topic. But the image risks increase if the passenger is not yet compensated [затраты на] failed flight. It is necessary to seriously prepare for this, but all the same these risks will materialize, ”the expert thinks.

Zotov also proposes to prescribe in the bill an exception to the requirements of the vaccination certificate or QR-code for citizens who go for treatment or vice versa, for people with disabilities and their companions, as well as for passengers traveling to another city or back on business associated with the death of a close relative. “For such cases, you need to set a requirement for only the PCR test,” – added the expert.

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