Kamchatka has abolished the requirement of QR-codes on transport

Authorities of the Kamchatka Territory will cancel the verification of QR-codes on vaccination against COVID-19 on air and road transport in the region on December 21. This was announced on December 20 by the governor of the region Vladimir Solodov.

“Due to the importance of the movement of citizens before the New Year and New Year holidays from tomorrow, a decision was made to lift restrictive measures on inter-municipal communication, those that have been imposed on us,” – said Solodov at a weekly meeting with the regional government. ).

The presidential envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District was aware of the initiative of Governor Solodov and agreed on it, an interlocutor close to the embassy told Vedomosti.

Malt has already signed a decree repealing the effect of QR-codes on transport, according to the website of the regional government. The inspections were carried out during long-distance travel by road from November 23, as well as on flights on routes within the region. To make the flight, the passenger could present at the airport before the flight the QR code of the vaccinated or ill COVID-19, a certificate of vaccination or a negative PCR test.

Verification of QR-codes on air transport was introduced not only in Kamchatka, but also in Khabarovsk Krai – from December 1. She continues to act.

A similar scheme of checking QR codes was going to be implemented at the federal level. A bill that introduced a requirement to present coronavirus vaccination certificates on transportation and in public places was even introduced in the State Duma. But in December, the document was suspended after criticism of President Vladimir Putin.

But checks of QR-codes on Kamchatka were not a significant obstacle to the movement of citizens. Earlier, “Vedomosti” found out that only four passengers without codes failed to fly. They were moving on the route Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – Tilichiki, said a representative of the regional carrier “Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise” (KOP).

“To verify QR codes, the airline purchased three cell phones with scanning software. Separate staff were not hired. Employees of the transportation service scanned at the airport themselves, ”a KOP representative told Vedomosti. According to him, some passengers were “not very positive” about the inspection procedure. “But most of them were understanding, and most had QR codes or other documents that replace them,” he said.

At the same time, the director general of the KOP Alexei Khrabrov in a conversation with “Vedomosti” noted: “We have a somewhat ambiguous situation, awkward in relation to passengers. They ask questions, of course. After all, the State Duma removed [федеральный] a project on the introduction of QR-codes on transport under consideration, and we have [на Камчатке] the governor’s decree was still in force. That’s why we had to check the documents. ”

In addition, according to the KOP employee, the company’s staff found it difficult to verify the passenger’s documents if it was not a QR code. “It is difficult to confirm the validity of the certificates that passengers give. We watch them, but it is difficult to say that it is the original. If it seemed to us that the certificate was valid, we allowed the passenger to fly, ”she added.

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