Deputy Prime Minister Khusnullin spoke about the plan to restore Mariupol in three years

On July 20, the first meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who is responsible for the restoration of Donbass on behalf of the White House, took place. At the meeting, the vice-premier presented the head of state with a 100-page master plan for the development of Mariupol (DPR) for the next three years.

“I can say that according to the plan presented here, within three years we can completely restore the city,” said the deputy head of the Russian government. During this time, it is planned to put in order all objects of social infrastructure and build new apartment buildings, Khusnullin reported to Putin.

Already this year, 90 facilities will be renovated: kindergartens, schools and hospitals, the vice-premier emphasized. In addition, the plan now includes the restoration of the Mariupol airport. The deputy head of the government of the DPR Yevgeny Solntsev previously said that this object will be restored within three years, it will become a “dual purpose” airfield.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, a completely new image of Mariupol will be created. He also reported that 85% of the inspection of the city’s housing stock has already been completed. “Everything that we can restore, we will restore. Everything that we cannot restore, we will build,” said Khusnullin. The scale of the destruction was not discussed at the public part of the meeting.

The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, said that 60% of the buildings in Mariupol need to be restored. “Those specialists who are now carrying out restoration work on water supply facilities and other things are not as pessimistic as it seemed when we were able to freely enter the city for the first time,” he wrote on the Telegram channel.

As explained to “Vedomosti” by the former prime minister of the DPR, member of the State Duma from “United Russia” Alexander Borodai, “the degree of destruction of the city is quite significant, but not all districts are equally destroyed.” The destroyed house is visible “purely visually”, but “relevant specialists and commissions are already working to decide whether the building should be restored or demolished,” he says: “If it is to be demolished, then a new building will be built on this place.”

Putin supported the initiative to issue housing certificates to residents of Mariupol, whose houses were destroyed during the hostilities. They will give an opportunity to buy housing in any settlement on the territory of the DNR. In addition, the president agreed to allocate a one-time payment to the owners of damaged houses in the territory of the DPR and LPR for the repair of an apartment or a private house in the amount of 6,000 rubles. per square meter.

The basis was the mechanism that was introduced in Irkutsk after the floods in 2019, Husnullin explained. At that time, almost 11,000 houses were flooded, half of them were either destroyed or swept away by the current, and the president instructed to provide housing for all victims. In addition, by order of the government, a compensation mechanism was introduced for the victims depending on the damage.

The master plan for the reconstruction of Mariupol envisages the creation of a new transport infrastructure. The vice-premier added that a new transport interchange with a railway station, a port and tram lines will be built.

Khusnullin said that the presented plan includes “completely new standards of streets with parking space, with landscaping.” It is planned to hold a competition with the participation of famous Russian architects to carry out works in the historical part of the city.

The Vice-Premier also noted that there is a chance to save some of the jobs at Azovstal without restoring harmful production. Now the plant stores 40 million tons of waste, which is an environmental problem that also needs to be solved.

The President instructed to build a multidisciplinary medical center in Mariupol, and a perinatal one in Donetsk. Khusnullin suggested that it will be possible to launch the centers at the beginning and end of 2023, respectively.

The Ministry of Defense reported earlier on the work of the military department on the restoration of Mariupol. In particular, according to RIA Novosti, Deputy Minister Timur Ivanov inspected the construction of a quarter with an area of ​​115 hectares.

The fighting for Mariupol began shortly after the beginning of the military special operation in Ukraine. On April 21, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to Putin about the liberation of Mariupol. After another month, the territory of the Azovstal plant was blocked by Ukrainian military formations. On May 20, Shoigu reported that “Azovstal” was also taken.

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